November and December Trainings
By Member Kate Arnold
December 13, 2021

This past month we have welcomed some new members and probationary members, Welcome!
-Christian Bradley, Jon Marks, and Hunter Egan are full department members.
-Dusting Bartels, Stephanie Guy, Alicia Hoffman, Dalton Kirk, and Claire Siegert are probationary members.

Training news:
-Maquoketa Valley Regional Electric Coop came to do a training and awareness class for electrical incidents and scene safety.
-Boat Operations and patient rescue.
-Air Management
-Annual Hose Testing
-RIT Training
-Search and Rescue at the Swiss Valley Nature Center.

Stay tuned for information regarding our upcoming annual auction in February. This year we will do a small number of items as an online auction beginning late January. As of the date of this post, we plan to host our regular full event for ticket holders. If you have any questions regarding the fundraiser on February 5th please call the station and leave a message. 563-557-9556